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Social Media is not Magic Common – Misconceptions of Social Media

by airiusmedia on July 7, 2010

Common misconception that says social media is the Become Popular Fast thing, or the Overnight Money Floodgate Opener. The story that says all you have to do is start a few accounts on various social networking sites and your website will receive enormous traffic and customers will spend money in your business. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But….it’s not true.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely know how social media really can build a business, increase income, and take a business to another level. I’ve seen how connections can be made for joint ventures and collaborative projects, how customers find businesses through social networking, and how income has increased as a direct result of interactions on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen start-up businesses connect directly with the leaders in their field and how a referral through Twitter can lead to a committed client who spends thousands of dollars in someone’s business.

It is true that:

• Social media gives you a voice.

• Social media gives you an audience.

• Social media gives you flexibility.

• Social media gives you a world audience.

It’s just that it these things don’t happen instantly.

Social media is not a quick fix. It’s a process. It takes time.

It’s about building relationships and trust. That doesn’t happen overnight. A potential customer or client doesn’t hand over their money to you just because they saw your tiny picture once on Facebook or Twitter.

A potential client hands over their money only after you’ve earned their trust. After you’ve consistently shown up in their awareness. After you’ve established a relationship with them and interacted with them in some way. After you’ve proven your trustworthiness by being consistent, following through on what you say you’re going to do, and by being authentic. Earning that trust and building that relationship takes time.

Social media isn’t a magic pill.

It’s is a process and a tool. It only works when you use it and participate. It only works when you demonstrate that you are who you say you are and that you provide what you say you provide.

If you’re not being you, people will see it. If you’re product or service is inferior, people will know it. The opposite is true, too. Social media can look like magic. The connections you make can seem unexpected and magical. Things can happen and unfold in ways you would have never expected. Things can show up seemingly out of the blue.

But it’s not magic.

Social media works because you show up. It works because you show up and participate. It works because you take the steps to build relationships and trust. It works because even when it looks like nothing is happening, you trust the process and continue building relationships. Participate. Show up. Build relationships. Establish trust. Trust the process. And magical things can happen.

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